The Leather

The leather we use is produced by a number of carefully selected tanneries. These include the famous Oak Bark Tannery in East Devon, J&FJ Baker &Sons Co, the iconic Horween Tannery in America and a number of renowned European tanneries based in Tuscany, Italy. All leathers chosen by Colville Leather are 100% vegetable tanned and will age beautifully over time with use.

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Our leather choices 
 Leather options for all products excluding belts.      


Oak bark tanned leather for belts and keychains.

Leather Care

To look after your product we recommend treating it with a very small amount of olive oil, mink oil, Neatsfoot oil or natural leather conditioner every six months to a year. You can do this by gently rubbing the oil or conditioner into your leather accessory with a lint free cloth. Remember that any oil or conditioning products must be used sparingly, as there is a risk you could over-saturate the leather, resulting in a greasy feel. Leave the leather to air-dry for another 24 hours, allowing the product to soak in properly.

Ageing Process

The picture below shows the ageing process of the leather. On the left is a freshly made Natural coloured Bi-Fold Wallet. On the right is the same wallet but with 1 year of heavy use. This is the natural patina that the leather acquire's over time. Each and every wallet will change differently depending on it’s owner and how it is used.

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Due to the nature of leather, we cannot guarantee that any of the pre-dyed or hand dyed leathers will not be subject to dye rub off. If you want to be 100% certain this won’t happen then we recommend a product using the natural leather as this contains no dye.