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Born out of the Artisan town of Totnes, Colville Leather is the inspiration of leather worker Matthew Nesbitt, a lover of the outdoors who believes in the importance of sustainability.

Why Colville Leather? Colville is a name which can be traced back into Matthew's heritage.  It is also one of his middle names.  It is from this that Colville Leather was named.

Colville Leather strives to reintroduce a generation to the longevity and beauty of traditionally made leather accessories. 

Our hand crafted leather goods are made in our independent workshop based in Totnes, Devon (UK). We use only full grain vegetable tanned leather that is cut, stitched and riveted by hand. Some of our products are also hand dyed. All of the leathers and processes we use create a deep, raw finish that ensures the product will age beautifully over time and with use.

Learn more about the leathers and dyeing processes here.

Colville Leather believes that one of the wonderful qualities of leather is that every hide is slightly different. Marks and scars on the leather are celebrated; the methods we use add depth and personality to the finished piece in recognition of the unique qualities and characteristics each hide possesses. It follows that each of our products is unique.

Colville Leather products will continue to age in their own individual way depending on the amount of exposure they have to light and how often they are handled. The leather will soften to touch - it will mould to use over time. We believe this organic element is an important factor in the experience of using high quality leather accessories. Colville Leather products will travel with you, grow old with you, share your memories and earn your trust.

In a ‘throw away society’ where many items are replaced rather than repaired, Colville Leather products are designed with longevity in mind. We believe that part of the answer to a sustainable future is to make products which do not require regular replacement.

Where care instructions are followed, Colville Leather will offer a warranty as well as a lifetime of support in caring for your product (see our terms and conditions).

We hope you share Colville Leather’s passion and enjoy our products. Should you have any questions or suggestions about any of our products or processes used we would be happy to help.