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Leather Products

Leather Products

Colville Leather creates leather goods that are simple and functional in their design which are build to last a lifetime.

Handmade, hand stitched, and meticulously finished. Every Colville Leather product is made to last, to accompany you on life's big and little adventures. 

Leather belts, leather wallets, leather notebooks covers, key leathers and leather bags make up a range of Colville Leather accessories suited to any occasion and to any lifestyle.

Choose from a range of colours and various leathers from European and American tanneries.

Colville Leather specialises in creating products using traditional leather crafting techniques whilst being sleek and modern in design.

Every leather product is cut from a hide that has been tanned using the traditional vegetable tanning process. This method of tanning leather is centuries old. As the name implies, vegetable tanned hides are tanned using organic materials, usually tree bark, rather than chemicals. 

Each product is cut out by hand before being assembled using hand stitching (traditional saddle stitch) and embellished with a range of hardware including buckles, rivets and zips.

Colville Leather is based in Devon, England close to the coast and countryside and its products are named after the natural wonders of the meandering rivers and coastline.