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Handmade leather belts: the ultimate collection

A loyal leather belt is a must-have for any man’s wardrobe. Practical, stylish and dependable, it is a go-to accessory that’s ready and willing to see you through just about any occasion. Colville Leather’s ultimate collection of handmade leather belts is simply perfect for the modern gentleman. With a focus on traditional craftsmanship, classic styling and unrivalled quality, each of our handcrafted belts is an exquisite work of art.   An exquisite simplicity   What makes our collection of handmade leather belts so special? Well, we like to keep things simple. This means no complicated fixings, no over-treated leather and no over-the-top decorative details. Instead, we pride ourselves on crafting leather belts that are simple and practical, but also aesthetically appealing at the same time. We think we’ve got the combination of style and...

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Style up for winter: Colville Leather's guide to men's accessories

The clocks have gone back, radiators across the nation have been switched on, and a morning frost has become a familiar sight for many. Yes, winter is on its way. To fight the chill this winter, every man needs an armoury of accessories in his wardrobe. We’re talking snug socks, cosy coats and chunky jumpers. Not only will these help you battle the elements this season, they’ll add a stylish finish to any winter ensemble.   Here is Colville Leather’s guide to men's winter accessories, with six must-have items that are all produced sustainably of course...   Komodo Carl Jumper  Image: A winter wardrobe just wouldn’t be complete without a loyal chunky knit. Cut from 100% organic cotton, this Komodo two-tone jumper makes for a faithful...

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A sustainable future: 5 attainable goals for the individual

It’s no secret that our future on earth as we know it is in jeopardy. A damning warning issued by the world’s leading climate scientists earlier this month outlined the urgent changes needed within the next 12 years in order to limit a “climate change catastrophe”. The world needs to see “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society”, according to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.   You may be wondering what you as an individual can do when such extensive, deep-rooted changes are required. Can you actually make a difference? Yes! Even the smallest individual efforts are useful in the fight for a sustainable future. Living sustainably is all about using resources today in a way that maintains supplies...

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Introducing Colville Leather's latest handmade leather wallet: 'The Dart'

A drum roll please… we’d like to introduce the latest addition to the Colville Leather family, ‘The Dart’. Inspired by the traditional biker wallet, The Dart brings a new edge to our collection of handmade leather wallets. Already proving to be a very popular addition to the Colville range, it is a great unisex wallet with an effortless balance of style and functionality.   Let’s find out why we’re so excited about our latest Colville Leather accessory …  The perfect everyday carry  Known for their versatility, biker-style wallets are a popular choice for those who like to stand out from the crowd. Inspired by the traditional biker design, The Dart is designed to accompany you wherever your journey may take you. Its timeless bi-fold design...

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A brief history of leather tanning

The story of leather began many years ago, with the first chapter unfolding back in prehistoric times. The art of leather tanning is arguably one of the oldest human activities. It has evolved through the ages hand-in-hand with the skills and needs of mankind. Tanning is the process by which raw animal hides are turned into leather. The protein structures of the hides are permanently altered, preventing them from decomposing. The tanning process creates strong, flexible and long-lasting leather that can be put to use in a whole plethora of ways.  Here we’re exploring the fascinating history of leather tanning, from where it all began in the Old Stone Age, right up to the present day ...  Where the story began  Primitive man used animal hides to create clothing and shelter....

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