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8 UK Artisan Brands We Love

With the fight against fast fashion rapidly gaining traction amongst consumers, more and more people are seeking clothing and accessories that value individuality, sustainability and durability. Cue the rise of the artisan brand. But what exactly is artisanal fashion? A quick internet search will tell you that an artisan is a “skilled manual worker who makes items that may be functional or decorative”. In that vein, when you choose to invest in an artisanal fashion product, you’re not just investing in a piece of fabric. Instead, you’re investing in a work of art. You’re honouring skills that have been honed with hours of practice and dedication. You’re actively taking part in the fight against fast fashion. Colville Leather and artisanal...

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The art of hand stitched leather goods

Here at Colville Leather, we do things ‘the old-fashioned way’. All of our beautiful hand stitched leather goods are made using only traditional tools and techniques. Every single stitch on our belts, wallets, keychains and bags is done by hand, and boy is it a precision art. This skillful art form has survived centuries of innovation and advancement, remaining true to its humble origins as it passes down through generations of leather artisans. In this article, we explore the traditional art of saddle stitching, before taking a closer look at what makes hand stitched leather goods so special ... How we make our hand stitched leather goods When crafting our range of leather goods, we use a traditional saddle stitch....

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Introducing our Handmade leather tote bag: The Harvest Tote

Feast your eyes on our handmade leather tote bag, The Harvest Tote. Meticulously designed and crafted by Colville’s master craftsman, no detail has been overlooked. Stylish and functional in equal measure, The Harvest Tote brings a new wave of elegance to our collection of leather bags. Here we’re turning the spotlight onto The Harvest Tote to find out what makes it such a special accessory ... Style and functionality combined Known for their versatility, tote bags have many practical uses. From supporting busy working life in the city, to serving as a practical day bag on your weekend adventures, a tote bag is a great place to pack your everyday cargo. Today, the tote bag comes in many forms. There’s the...

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Best sustainable fashion brands UK: where to shop ethically in 2019

With an ever-increasing number of designers now exploring new, more ethical options, we’ve updated our list of the best sustainable fashion brands in the UK for 2019. There’s never been so much choice when it comes to looking stylish with a clear conscience!

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