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Handmade goods aren't expensive: consumer goods are too cheap

In this chaotic world of ‘fast fashion’ we live in, we’ve become used to lifeless, low-quality goods produced on a mass scale. The ‘take, make, dispose’ model of the fashion industry has sadly become the norm. People yearn for the latest trends, buying cheaply and replacing quickly. We’ve become accustomed to the small price tag of these mass-produced goods. This poses a huge challenge to craftspeople selling handmade products. All too often, consumers label lovingly handmade items as being ‘too expensive’. A lack of awareness With consumers busy trying to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not in the world of fashion, they’re often not aware of the time, effort and expertise that is poured into a handmade product....

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Colville Leather: how to find the perfect men’s handmade leather belt

Buckle up, it’s time to talk belts! The humble leather belt is much more than just a functional accessory. Over time, it has become a real fashion statement for men. Worn correctly, a leather belt provides the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. A poorly-matched or ill-fitting belt, however, is a different story. Fear not though, we’ve got a handy guide to help you find the perfect handmade leather belt… Size First off, find the right size. This isn’t as straightforward as you might think though, as your waist and belt measurements differ. Here are two simple ways to find your belt size: Measure an existing belt Lay your belt on a flat surface. Measure in inches from the far...

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Groomsmen Gift Ideas for 2018

Wedding season is upon us, and the internet is packed with cool gift ideas for your groomsmen. These guys have seen you through thick and thin, they’ve endured the months of wedding talk, and no doubt organised a memorable stag do to see you into married life. If, when it comes to saying thanks, you want something a bit different to the usual go-to options, something with a bit more substance that will serve as a special reminder of the role they played in your big day, then how about an eco-friendly gift with plenty of feel-good factor? Here’s our round-up of the best groomsmen gift ideas for your 2018 wedding – six thoughtful tokens of thanks, all of which...

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The timeless allure of handcrafted leather accessories

Synonymous with quality and style, there’s something wonderfully charming about handcrafted leather accessories. They ooze charisma, each product wearing its natural characteristics with pride, eager to tell the tale of its every mark and scar. In the ever-changing world of fashion, leather has remained an overwhelming favourite amongst designers and consumers. Of course, its popularity throughout the fashion eras comes as no surprise to us at Colville Leather, but we thought we’d take a closer look at what makes handcrafted leather accessories just so captivating … They appeal to the senses Gorgeous to look at, soft to touch and divine in smell, handcrafted leather accessories are a delight to the senses. Nurtured under the watchful eye of a talented craftsman, handcrafted leather...

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10 Ethically, Devon-sourced Father's Day gifts

With Father’s Day on the horizon, it’s time to tackle the annual challenge of finding that perfect present. You may have your standard go-to options that you rely on every year (we’re talking token Toblerone, customary ‘Best Dad’ mug and annual novelty socks), but why not think a little different for 2018? For something with a bit more substance, and something your Dad can really treasure, how about an ethically and locally-sourced gift with plenty of feel-good factor? We’ve put our thinking caps on here at Colville Leather and rounded up 10 fantastic Father’s Day gift ideas, available from some of our favourite ethically-driven companies in this little corner of the world … Crankhouse coffee beans If your Dad can’t...

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