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6 advantages of a leather roll-top backpack

When shopping for a new backpack, each style has its advantages. From a rucksack with its numerous compartments and fastenings, to a drawstring bag for minimal, lightweight use. Each bag suits a diverse purpose.  You may have come across the leather roll-top backpack and wondered about its particular advantages. This style has grown in popularity and is a practical, versatile bag. The top opening of the bag rolls down (as the name suggests) and is then secured by a compression strap to keep it in place. Highly versatile, this backpack works equally well for high volume or low volume. A quick pop to the shops or a full day out.  Below we have outlined some of the key roll-top backpack...

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How to choose the perfect handmade leather wallet

It follows you wherever you go, knows you better than anyone else and you feel lost without it. There is no doubt that when it comes to accessories, a man’s wallet is the unsung hero. It holds your most personal information and unlocks your purchasing power. It is your pocket-sized survival kit for 21st century life. Although it is easy to take your wallet for granted, finding the perfect wallet is worth the effort. A wallet should suit your daily habits and spending patterns. It should be functional yet comfortable to carry; stylish yet hardwearing. But with so many options on the market, where do you start?  To equip you to choose the perfect handmade leather wallet we’ll first discuss functionality,...

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Men's Autumn 2019 Best Fashion Accessories

As summer ends it is tempting to cling to memories of warm days by the sea and cold beers in the garden. Packing away the flip-flops and sunglasses is a poignant moment.   Yet we all know that within a few weeks we will suddenly remember just how great the autumn season is after all. The leaves turn orange, the log burners are fired up again and everything gets cosy. So why not bypass the end of summer blues by getting ahead of the game. Kit out your wardrobe with some fantastic men's autumn fashion accessories that you will love wearing as the weather turns colder. Our favourite men’s fashion accessories To help you stay hot on trend during the colder...

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Three Belts Every Man Needs

When it comes to belts, does one size really fit all?  If you are a man who likes to keep things simple, you may own one go-to belt. You bought it years ago, it’s comfortable, safe, and goes with everything…right? Or perhaps you are a guy whose wardrobe buckles under the weight of countless outfit options. Owning a belt for every outfit is not a practical solution either. What, then, is the perfect number?  We have narrowed down the essentials to three belts every man needs. Three belts to cover every social situation, from the office Christmas party to frisbee on the beach, without compromising on your look or your wallet. An investment in three quality belts that you love...

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Behind the scenes of a leathercraft business

Traditional tools and techniques. We like to do things the old-fashioned way at Colville Leather. And we’d like to take you behind the scenes of this leathercraft business to show you some of the tools and methods we use to hand-craft leather accessories.  Based in Totnes, in a rustic workshop built by Toby’s Sheds, Matt Nesbitt uses his leathercraft skills to make beautiful wallets, bags, belts and other accessories. Matt takes great pride in honouring the ancient craft of leather making. So you won’t find any machines in his workshop.  Faithful to tradition Remaining faithful to tradition is something of a duty when it comes to the conversation about sustainability in the fashion industry. ‘Reintroducing people to the longevity and...

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