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The Voyagers Journey

When I first came up with the idea of making a notebook cover I didn't really know what kind of features it needed to have. After talking to a few people who use notebooks / journals on a regular basis it soon became clear. The most important part was having somewhere to keep a pen or pencil, secondly it needed some storage space for cards (debit cards or business cards) and random pieces of paper. With this in mind I started to get some ideas down on paper until I was happy with a design.  Once I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like I started to create the pattern. Pattern made, it was time to make the first...

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New Year, New Leather!

With the New Year came some new ideas, the first of which is some new leather. This month I took delivery of some new waxy "pull up" leather. The leather is treated with oils and waxes producing an amazing "pull up" effect which lightens in colour when folded or turned. The natural grain of the leather is left intact which allows growth marks and scars to show through giving this leather a beautifully aged look. Here is a sneak peek of the Card Holder made from this leather, it will be available to buy on the website soon!

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