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The slow fashion movement and artisanal leather

We take a look at the place of artisanal leather processes within the slow fashion movement and how it can contribute towards a more sustainable future for the fashion industry... Today’s fashion industry is facing a huge sustainability challenge. Clothes and accessories in the majority of high street brands are being mass produced without so much as a glance at the bigger picture - the impact on the social and ecological environment. The fashion industry has a lot to answer for regarding its contribution to the sustainability challenge. That includes the depletion of fossil fuels and freshwater reservoirs in garment production and transportation as well as the use of pesticides and man made synthetic fibres in horrific quantities. The consequences are...

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Wood and leather bag: A work in progress...

As well as producing a tried and tested range of quality leather accessories, we're always thinking about ideas for new product lines that we can develop to keep our products fresh, keep our skills honed, and develop new relationships with quality makers. To that end, Colville Leather has recently teamed up with the enterprising Harry at Handbuilt By to craft a new bag made of a combination of wood and leather. Handbuilt By are another jewel in the crown of Devon's artisanal scene. They specialise in quality furniture and home decor borne out of a desire to live with minimal impact on the environment. Wherever possible they use reclaimed and sustainable materials in an effort to keep their carbon footprint to a...

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Have a look inside the Colville Leather Devon workshop...

Colville Leather has got a new workshop in our Totnes base. We've been working hard to get everything together, ready to get making leather belts, wallets and accessories the old fashioned way. Our workshop was built by Toby's Sheds, a local Devon company who make all sorts of timber garden buildings. And we're pretty pleased with its rustic exterior. Its very much in keeping with the long artisanal tradition that Colville Leather is proud to be a part of, and well on its way to maturing into a fine workshop in time.   The interior workbenches were designed and constructed by our very own leather worker Matt. Inside the workshop The new workshop is where we will be crafting the Colville Leather products...

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Is leather sustainable?

There was a time when leather products were designed to last a lifetime. But the "fast fashion" craze has swept up this once sustainable material in its path. So is leather sustainable and can we justify buying cheap leather to satisfy passing fashion trends?

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and whilst you can’t go wrong with the annual Toblerone and novelty socks, if you really want to spoil your Dad this year, get him something he’ll use for a lifetime. We’ve put together a few Father’s Day gift ideas for some inspiration – things we know our own Dads would love.

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