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Is leather sustainable?

There was a time when leather products were designed to last a lifetime. But the "fast fashion" craze has swept up this once sustainable material in its path. So is leather sustainable and can we justify buying cheap leather to satisfy passing fashion trends?

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and whilst you can’t go wrong with the annual Toblerone and novelty socks, if you really want to spoil your Dad this year, get him something he’ll use for a lifetime. We’ve put together a few Father’s Day gift ideas for some inspiration – things we know our own Dads would love.

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Introducing our hand dyed leather belts

Say hello to the hand dyed leather belt range. Like all our products these beautiful belts are handcrafted in our Devon workshop using traditional artisanal techniques. We’ve used a variety of hand dyeing techniques and finishes to create a range of belts that really celebrate the unique qualities of leather.

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Introducing the Oak Bark Tanned Leather Belt

We often say that this oak bark tanned leather belt is a belt that your grandchildren will be arguing over! Made from special Devon oak bark tanned leather, with solid brass buckles, it’s definitely a belt that will age and mature with you over a lifetime. 

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Colville Leather supplier: J & FJ Baker Oak Bark Tanned Leather

We were pretty excited to get our hands on some J & FJ Baker leather earlier this year. It’s a very special leather, local to Devon and made using traditional techniques to produce a unique finish. We enjoyed making the oak bark tanned leather belt using J & FJ Baker leather. But what makes this leather so special, and why were we so excited to work with it? 

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