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Kickstarter Campaign

You may have noticed the incredible short film on our website produced by the talented Rob French…. This was a great project to be involved in and we think the finished project is an absolute work of art. Rob’s talented film making has also helped Colville Leather in another way.  If you are a fan of Kickstarter, a crowd funding website, then you may have noticed our very own campaign which was launched on 1st September. Rob’s shorter, three minute film introduces potential ‘backers’ to Colville Leather and the belts we make. Backers have the opportunity to pledge on the campaign in return for various Colville Leather products. So long as the campaign is 100% funded on 1st October 2017,...

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Bark to Belt: The Evolution of a Hide

You may have noticed a new film featured on our homepage – if not, it’s well worth a look! Check it out below. We’re truly honoured to feature in this beautiful piece of art that celebrates traditional artisan techniques and the process behind handcrafting an Oak Bark leather belt.   A couple of months ago we were approached by local videographer, Rob French, who wanted to collaborate on an interesting new project, featuring local artisan businesses. Rob wanted to create a short film to tell the story behind hand crafting an oak bark belt from scratch alongside the workers of J and FJ Baker as they create their world-renowned oak bark tanned leather. An Organic Process Rather than showing the...

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Leather belt care – make it last a lifetime!

Practical, stylish and dependable. A go-to accessory, unwavering in its support. A loyal leather belt is a coveted item for any man’s wardrobe. Knowing how to care for a leather belt properly is essential to really get the most out of it. If you treat your belt with the care and attention it deserves, it will serve you faithfully for a lifetime. Here we’ve gathered together the most important tips on how to care for a leather belt. With this expert advice, you’ll have your leather belt care routine polished in no time.  1. Get the right fit The first step of effective leather belt care comes before you even make a purchase. Ahead of investing in a belt, make...

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How to build an ethical wardrobe

In a world of ‘fast fashion’ it's easy to forget about how to build an ethical wardrobe. When clothing and accessories are sold cheaply and replaced quickly, it’s easy to get swept along with the desire for the latest trends. As we banish piles of poor-quality, only-worn-once clothes to the bin and follow insatiable cravings for the next round of cheap, trend-focused garments, it’s not surprising that the idea of an ethical wardrobe often escapes us. As the sustainability issues of the fashion industry amplify, and horror stories from manufacturing processes come to light, there has been a surge in the number of people looking to become more environmentally-conscious when it comes to their wardrobes. Take our wonderful Colville Leather...

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The ageing process of natural vegetable tanned leather

Take a close look at a genuine leather product, and you’ll find a story waiting patiently to be discovered. Those wrinkles? Each one tells a tale. That scratch? A sign of adventure, of secret escapades. As a leather product ages, it develops a patina unique to its owner’s touch, adopting a distinctive character depending on how and where it is used. Natural vegetable tanned leather is no different – in fact, this type of leather is famous for its particularly striking ageing process. As it matures and interacts with its environment, its colour gradually deepens … darkening the more it is exposed to sunlight. This beautiful, organic weathering process is packed with charm and intrigue. Join us as we delve...

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