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Devon artisan Christmas market guide

It’s that rather magical time of the year when the days get shorter, the air turns crisper, and most importantly, the whispers of Christmas start to get louder. Children eagerly scribble down their wish lists, mince pies stand to attention on supermarket shelves, Christmas jumpers emerge from the depths of wardrobes all over the nation. There’s a tangible buzz of anticipation in the air, for Christmas is on its way.  What better way to get into the festive spirit than to visit one of Devon’s charming Christmas markets or seasonal events, where local makers and artisans gather with their beautiful handcrafted products. We are lucky to have such an abundance of talented creatives in our county who have a real...

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Sustainable fashion & lifestyle blogs for men

The internet is teeming with sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogs for women, with endless features promising to shed some light on the busy, and sometimes overwhelming, world of sustainable living. Sadly, for the eco-conscious males out there, it’s a somewhat different story. Try typing ‘sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogs for men’ into a search engine and you won’t exactly be inundated with results. You can scour the internet for what seems like hours and still only seem to find bloggers focusing on women’s fashion and lifestyle choices.  Fear not though, as here at Colville Leather we’ve rounded up some hidden gems in the realm of men’s sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogs. These blogs come with expert advice to guide you through...

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Handcrafted vs. Handmade

The difference between ‘handcrafted’ and ‘handmade’ is widely debated in the fashion world, with the two terms often blurring into one. What is clear, is that with the meteoric rise of the artisan trend, consumers are looking out for these two buzzwords more and more when making their shopping choices. Whether you’re searching for shoes, belts, bags or jewellery, you’ll have noticed these two words weaved into product descriptions, often being used interchangeably. But what’s the difference between something that has been handcrafted as opposed to something that’s been handmade? We’re delving into the handcrafted vs. handmade debate, and taking a closer look at the tools and techniques behind Colville Leather products in the process …   What does 'Handmade'...

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Sustainable Fashion and Fall 2017 Trends

As we wave goodbye to the summer, bidding a fond farewell to the extra-long evenings, al fresco dinners and picnics in the park, it’s time to get kitted out for autumn. Think layers, think chunky knits, think fifty shades of orange. But wait … you’ve made a pledge with yourself to shop more sustainably and not get trapped in the tumultuous world of ‘fast fashion’. Can you still keep up with the fall 2017 trends whilst trying to maintain an ethical wardrobe? Here we’re unravelling this conundrum to see if sustainable fashion can still be trendy …  Slow fashion explained Often described as the future of clothing, the term ‘slow fashion’ is all about seeing our clothing and accessories in a...

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The Leather Rolltop Bag goes to Canada!

Last month, Colville Leather founder and master craftsman took his leather rolltop bag on a jaunt over to Canada. Here he shares some of his thoughts about his time exploring the Canadian wilderness and a few of his favourite shots of the trip... Back in August, my wife Lucy and I celebrated our honeymoon with a trip to British Columbia on the West coast of Canada. The sheer vastness of nature and the expanse of wilderness was absolutely breathtaking and the whole experience was truly memorable. I took the Colville Leather rolltop backpack to use as a day bag when sight-seeing and trekking. It was great to get the chance to use it extensively and I identified a couple of minor tweaks...

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