Top 7 eco-friendly men's accessories for 2018

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If you’re on a mission to go green this year, you’ll know that there’s a wealth of eco-friendly men’s accessories out there, all fighting for your attention. We know it can be rather daunting when faced with so many options – where do you start?!

Here at Colville Leather, we also understand a common dilemma that conscious consumers face – finding accessories that offer style and sustainability hand-in-hand. Your accessories say a lot about you and your character, so we know how important it is not to have to forego style on your quest for sustainability.

Fear not though, we’ve done our research and rounded up seven of our favourite, most stylish eco-friendly men’s accessories for 2018 ...


Now that Spring has sprung, what better time to add a slick new pair of shades to your collection? You can team your sunglasses with a sharp suit for that super-slick style, or pair them with your favourite casual getup for a real laidback look. With eco-fashion one of the major trends for 2018, it’s no surprise that we’re witnessing a boom in clothing and accessories that make us feel good as well as look good.

And feel good you can, with Bird Sunglasses, known for their award-winning, sustainable eyewear with a social purpose. Not only are each pair of sunglasses made from sustainable materials, but every sale gifts one solar light to a family in central Africa.

Hawfinch sunglasses from Bird Sunglasses

We’re particular fans of the Hawfinch sunglasses from Bird’s Strata Range. Boasting a sleek fusion of aluminium and sustainably-sourced bamboo, beech and sandal wood, these eco-friendly shades are bang on-trend for 2018.


A well-considered bracelet can finish off an outfit in a stylish, confident manner, helping you to stand out from the crowd in the simplest of ways. From wooden beads to leather cuffs, metal bands to woven bracelets, there is a wealth of choice out there when it comes to adorning your wrist. We know that some men are often a bit reluctant when it comes to wearing jewellery, but by keeping things simple and consistent with your personal style, you can conquer the bracelet trend with ease.

image of men's cork bracelet from Carla Marie Jewellery

When it comes to stylish, eco-friendly wristwear for men, these Portuguese cork bracelets from Carla Marie Jewellery don’t disappoint. Handmade from natural cork that is harvested with minimal environmental impact, they add a unique touch to an outfit and are guaranteed to attract compliments. Their natural style means they can be worn with anything in your wardrobe, whether you’re going for a casual look or adding the finishing touch to a smarter ensemble.


As well helping its wearer stick to their schedule, a watch is an often-underrated form of self-expression. Often seen as an incredibly masculine accessory, the make and style of a watch can communicate a lot about the wearer’s personality.

If you’re an animal-lover looking for a watch to match your cruelty-free stance, then we’d recommend a visit to Aubry’s website. Created on the foundation of mindful, modern and cruelty-free design, their mission is to create beautifully simple watches that can be worn and loved every day. Their Classic Mesh watch has been meticulously created from premium nickel-free stainless steel that is free of any hazardous chemicals. Plus, its simple design will add an effortless elegance to your look.

Aubry Vegan Classic Mesh Watch


A good quality, stylish wallet is one of the core accessories for the modern man. Perfect for decluttering your pockets and storing notes, coins and cards in one place, your wallet becomes a faithful friend that travels with you wherever you go. And when it comes to finding a wallet that offers style and functionality without the green guilt, Colville Leather have it covered. Our charming range of vegetable tanned leather wallets are all cut, stitched and riveted by hand, with longevity at their core. We’re doing our bit to thwart the fast fashion movement by creating products that don’t require regular replacement.

For a traditional bi-fold wallet, you can’t go wrong with The Eddy. This simple wallet radiates character with its unique hues, and is the perfect size to slip into your pocket. Within its two pockets it can happily carry up to eight cards and some folded notes. Alternatively, if you’re after something a little different, The Ebb wallet with its distinctive shape and unique colourations could be just the thing. Store one to three cards in the main pouch, with room for notes to be slipped into the front.

The Eddy - handcrafted leather wallet from Colville Leather

Gym bags 

With the health and fitness industry positively booming, and more money than ever being spent on gym memberships, the market for gym wear and accessories is thriving this year. Looking good for the gym puts us in a positive frame of mind, boosts our confidence and helps contribute to a happy, productive workout. So, for the dedicated gym-goers out there, we’ve found the perfect accessory to add some sustainable style to your workout.

This Leather Duffle Style Gym Bag from Exeter-based Sancho’s Dress is perfect for arriving at the gym in style. As the natural leather ages, it will take on a patina unique to its owner, oozing individual character. Its roomy interior complete with internal zip pocket is great for storing everything you need for a gym session, from your change of clothes to your keys. Plus, when you shop with Sancho’s Dress, you are supporting the fight against fast fashion by committing to natural, quality materials.

Leather Duffle Style Gym bag from Sanchos Dress


Looking to spruce up your office attire? Cufflinks are a simple, subtle way to add some character to your business wear. It’s the small accessory details that will help you stand out from the crowd and add a touch of personality to your outfit. We think that cufflinks should say something about you. What do you enjoy? What do you value? Believe it or not, as well as adding that slick final touch to your shirt, your cufflinks can help tell your story. 

Sea Glass cufflinks from Beachcomber Jewellery

So, if you’re enjoying the eco-trend of 2018 and are passionate about protecting our natural environment, we’ve found a set of ethically-made cufflinks that are perfect for you. Inspired by the beauty of the Cardigan Bay coastline, these handmade Sea Glass Cufflinks are made from two beautiful pieces of responsibly-sourced sea glass, bezel set in recycled silver on sterling silver cufflink fittings. Like every item of Beachcomber jewellery, they are individually handmade using traditional hand tools and avoiding harsh chemicals.


Last but certainly not least, we turn our attention to a go-to accessory for men: their belt. A stylish and dependable belt really is a coveted item for any man’s wardrobe. We may be biased, but we don’t think there’s any beating a genuine leather belt. Perfect with just about any colour and style of trousers, it can be relied upon to see you through any occasion. Plus, a leather belt is a timeless classic that is sure to survive the fashion fads that come and go over the years.

 For a belt that can stand the test of time and be treasured for a lifetime, look no further than our Oak Bark Tanned Leather Belt. Expertly produced from the finest J & FJ Baker Oak Bark Tanned leather, this belt is strong and flexible, making it perfect for everyday use. It proudly displays its authentic characteristics, and its brass finishes add that quality finishing touch. Find out more about how oak bark tanned leather is made on our blog.

Oak Bark Tanned Leather Belt

So, there you have it, our top seven eco-friendly men’s accessories for 2018! You’ll find more ideas for sustainable accessories across our website and social media channels. Why not check out our Instagram feed for some instant inspiration? And of course, feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss a bespoke item.

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