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Three Belts Every Man Needs

When it comes to belts, does one size really fit all? 

If you are a man who likes to keep things simple, you may own one go-to belt. You bought it years ago, it’s comfortable, safe, and goes with everything…right? Or perhaps you are a guy whose wardrobe buckles under the weight of countless outfit options. Owning a belt for every outfit is not a practical solution either. What, then, is the perfect number? 

We have narrowed down the essentials to three belts every man needs. Three belts to cover every social situation, from the office Christmas party to frisbee on the beach, without compromising on your look or your wallet. An investment in three quality belts that you love wearing every time you put them on, rather than frittering away cash on multiple cheap options which won’t last.

So, what are the three belt options?

The first is, of course, that reliable brown leather piece that you love. Sturdy, timeless and perfect with all your jeans, chinos or shorts. The second is the formal belt, the perfect pairing for suits at work or at other formal events to give you the edge. Finally, the casual fabric belt for summer outfits that require something lighter.

The casual leather belt

This is the most versatile of the three belts and will probably be the belt you live in whenever you are off duty. The casual belt is relaxed, comfortable in its own skin, whilst still maintaining a sense of quality and purpose.

Leather is an excellent choice for the casual belt. A strong leather belt will stand the test of time through the changing tides of fashion, serving you for many years to come.

We recommend that you opt for a thickness of at least 3.5 to 4.0mm. Not only for appearance but also for endurance. It needs to be hard-wearing. This is the belt that will take you on a wide range of activities and settings: from hikes on the moors to barbecues on the beach.

The casual belt will generally have a matte finish since it is purposed for practical and casual settings. The strap itself will also be fairly wide.

Recommended: Colville Leather hand-dyed leather belt

We put it to you that our hand-dyed leather belt encompasses all the essential elements of this timeless classic. Our beautifully crafted hand-dyed range comes in a range of shades. 

Colville Leather hadn-dyed leather belt for men

We suggest a lighter walnut brown, paired with a stainless steel buckle for that ultimate casual look. Buckles on casual belts are often larger and more substantial than on a formal belt, made of solid metal for longevity. In this case, perfect with jeans and a lumberjack shirt.


Or you can choose from the richer, deeper tones of chocolate or tan, to match your personal taste. 

The formal leather belt

This belt means business. Worn with a suit, whether at work or a wedding, this belt is focussed on elegance and style. It makes an excellent first impression. 

Since the formal belt requires sophistication, leather is always the material of choice. The formal belt sometimes has a neater, slimmer appearance than other styles, so as to complement a suit without looking cumbersome. But often, it is the formal belt that makes a statement and creates visual interest.

A black belt in fashion

Nowadays, many workplaces have a more casual approach to dress code, where the popular brown leather belt may not be out of place. However, there are still many social situations where black is required. In these situations, a brown belt will stand out for the wrong reasons.

different colours of leather

Black is making a comeback in men’s fashion this autumn, with an emphasis on black leather outfits, as well as black suits. So you may find yourself reaching for this belt more than you expected.

The belt should boast a simple, elegant and understated buckle. But colour of the buckle can be down to personal preference. The owner should take into account the type of suits he prefers to wear and any cufflinks he might choose to accessorise with.

Recommended: Colville Leather Oak Bark tanned leather belt

We suggest choosing the black leather option in our very special oak bark tanned leather range. The leather used for this belt is made locally and undergoes an 18 month ageing/maturing process using traditional techniques. A true piece of quality craftsmanship to give your formal attire the respect it deserves.

Colville Leather black oak bark leather belt

The buckles are solid metal, with a choice of stainless steel or brass. In this case, we'd opt for a brass buckle paired with the black belt.

Read a review from one of our customers:

'Just taken delivery of two lovely (oak bark tanned) belts. I normally buy my belts from high end international brands because I'm looking for exclusivity and high quality, but Colville surpass the quality I can get from those sources and I rather like the understated way they hide their brand logo - allowing the belts' quality to do the talking. Nice touch! Great belts!'

The summer casual belt 

Finally the summer casual belt, a lighter option for warm summer days when you ditch the jeans and live in shorts or chinos. 

The strap, unlike in the previous two belts, is made of webbed fabric, making it lighter and less formal. The strap is often quite wide – 1.5 inches or wider. The choice of colour – or pattern – is broad. Since fabric can come in any print, you can choose a palette to suit your wardrobe.

The buckle on this belt is generally a double D-ring or skater style buckle, making it easily adjustable. 

Recommended: Croakies Llama Bottle Opener Buckle Black

If you fancy having a bit of fun with this final addition to your belt collection, Croakies have a range of patterned, customisable belts with bottle openers for buckles. A fun way to add some personality to your summer outfits. 

croakies fabric belt in llama design

What we love about this company that they are made from 100% recycled bottles, so you can continue to shop with a conscience.

A belt for any occasion

With a wide range of leather and fabric belts to choose from, there really is a belt for any occasion. All belts at Colville Leather are custom made to your specifications. They come with a lifetime warranty on the craftsmanship of each belt. That's how much we believe in the quality of our belts. 

For more information on the leather and dyeing processes we use, please see here. Or to order a custom made belt, please get in touch.

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