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How to write a travel diary: getting the most out of your leather travel journal

Travelling is a unique opportunity to explore and experience an environment or culture that is different to your home base. You may be jet-setting to a luxury hotel in Zanzibar or putting up a tent with your kids half an hour down the road. Either option presents the chance to discover and adventure somewhere new.  Journalling provides an opportunity to reflect on these discoveries and perspectives. It reinforces experiences as memories.  Making the most of your leather travel journal You may have purchased or been gifted a beautifully hand-crafted leather journal. Something you know you should make use of. But it’s probably sitting on your desk looking pretty, without any record of adventure. So what are the main reasons for...

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Leather accessories for your summer travels

Are you looking to upgrade your look with some unique accessories for your summer travels? Why not invest in some beautifully handcrafted, timeless leather accessories to instantly transform your holiday style.  Our leather accessories are designed and made for longevity. We don’t buy into the world of fast fashion. We’re into creating beautiful products that last and don’t need replacing. Products you can pass on to your children and their children.  For inspiration, look no further than some of these leather accessories that can travel with you, and then grow old with you.  Oak Bark Keychain Keep your keys safe while travelling! This tastefully created leather accessory is a practical must-have. If you’re not a fan of a keychain hanging...

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