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Sustainable fashion & lifestyle blogs for men

sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogs for men

The internet is teeming with sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogs for women, with endless features promising to shed some light on the busy, and sometimes overwhelming, world of sustainable living.

Sadly, for the eco-conscious males out there, it’s a somewhat different story. Try typing ‘sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogs for men’ into a search engine and you won’t exactly be inundated with results. You can scour the internet for what seems like hours and still only seem to find bloggers focusing on women’s fashion and lifestyle choices. 

Fear not though, as here at Colville Leather we’ve rounded up some hidden gems in the realm of men’s sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogs. These blogs come with expert advice to guide you through the unsettling world of fast fashion, providing inspiration and support on your journey to becoming a more conscious consumer. The authors dedicate time and effort to inspire their followers, and are committed to empowering and energising the sustainable living movement. 

Well Spent

well spent sustainable fashion blog for men screenshot

Take a look:

After launching in 2012, Brad Bennett’s sustainability-focused menswear blog has offered a refreshing take on men’s fashion, featuring responsibly made products that look good and don’t break the bank. From pyjamas to pocket squares, socks to sweatshirts, Well Spent has got it covered. Every item featured is made responsibly, which means no sweatshops, a low environmental impact and nothing disposable. 

The blog covers items that are designed and built with thoughtfulness and intention, and does so in a simple, nonchalant manner. If you’re looking for an unpretentious guide to ethical fashion, this is the blog for you. Writing for socially responsible like-minded men, Brad actively avoids preaching in his posts, and hates the idea of guilt-tripping readers into changing their lifestyles. The Well Spent blog only includes items that meet Brad’s eco and ethical criteria, are reasonably priced, and that Brad wants or owns himself. 

Sutton + Grove

sutton and grove sustainable fashion blog for men screenshot

Take a look:

A popular his-and-hers conscious lifestyle blog, Sutton + Grove focuses on both men and women’s sustainable fashion. With a ‘buy good, look good’ focus, authors Luke and Jill share his-and-her styles that represent trendy, yet socially responsible, brands and products. Hoping to broaden people’s perspectives of consumerism, there is a palpable passion for social responsibility weaved throughout this blog, along with a clear excitement to connect with readers and discuss hot topics. 

Featuring everything from sustainably made unisex wool footwear to soft bamboo menswear, the Sutton + Grove blog will introduce you to a number of ethically conscious pieces to kickstart your journey to a more sustainable wardrobe. Be sure to check out ‘The List’ – this huge collection of conscious brands for him will certainly help you hit the ground running when it comes to being a more conscious consumer. It even includes activewear, swimwear and underwear as well as general clothing, meaning you’re covered for every occasion. 


craftd exeter sustainable fashion blog

Take a look:

Craftd, a new Exeter-based start-up company, exists to connect local creatives to their local community and encourage a fair and sustainable way of shopping. The founders have a tangible passion for creativity, community and disruptive ideas, not to mention their enthusiasm for locally handcrafted products (including some of our very own Colville Leather accessories).

Having only recently launched the business in August 2017, their blog is still in its infancy – but it’s certainly one to watch. The three friends behind Craftd recognise that consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality, origin and sustainability of the goods they purchase, and are using their blog to demonstrate how buying local, handmade products can counteract the issues with today’s ‘retail-weary culture’. If you’re looking to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and are curious about the benefits of swapping fast-fashion-loving international brands for something more homegrown, we’d recommend checking out their article on why it’s important to buy local, handmade products.

KnowledgeCotton Apparel

knowledgecotton apparel sustainable fashion blog for men

Providing sustainable menswear, bags and accessories to the conscious male consumer, KnowledgeCotton Apparel are passionate about making clever clothing that takes a stand. Just a quick glance at their mission statement will show you how impassioned they are about promoting fashion choices that are as clean and as natural as possible. 

Rather than a traditional blog, KnowledgeCotton tell the story of their philosophy and goals through a series of photo journals. If you have a particular interest in recycling, wind power and other environmental initiatives, this is definitely a blog worth following. There are a variety of inspirational and rather striking images posted each season, highlighting the ambitious work KnowledgeCotton are doing to protect the natural environment. And if you’re an avid Instagram user, you can easily get lost in the series of eye-catching photos they like to share – take a look here

The Discerning Brute

discerning brute sustainable fashion blog for men

Take a look:

Hailed as the go-to blog for sustainably-focused men, The Discerning Brute shows that you don’t have to forego style if you’re making conscious lifestyle choices. With a focus on ‘fashion, food and etiquette for the ethically handsome man’, this lifestyle blog features a number of ethical menswear brands and products, and often links up with creative influencers who share a thirst for sustainability and style. It’s safe to say that curator Joshua Katcher is certainly making a name for himself, with mentions in Ecouterre, The Guardian and

Those of you who visit The Discerning Brute may notice a recent article condemning the use of animal materials in the fashion industry, with animal leather being linked to damaging impacts on the environment. Here at Colville Leather, we’re addressing the negative effects of the leather industry by creating products that are designed to last for decades. All of our products are lovingly crafted with longevity in mind. We believe that part of the answer to a more sustainable future, and one way to help thwart today’s unsettling throw-away society, is to make products that don’t need to be replaced regularly. Find out more about our passion for sustainability here.


We hope you’ve found this round-up of sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogs for men helpful. Knowing where to start when trying to adopt a more ethical lifestyle can be tricky, but we hope these blogs will help you to navigate the ever-growing world of sustainable living. We love coming across passionate people who share the same sustainability-focused values as us, so if you follow any likeminded bloggers, or if you yourself are a keen men’s sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogger, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us via our website, or leave a message for us on social media.


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