Sustainable Fashion and Fall 2017 Trends

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As we wave goodbye to the summer, bidding a fond farewell to the extra-long evenings, al fresco dinners and picnics in the park, it’s time to get kitted out for autumn. Think layers, think chunky knits, think fifty shades of orange. But wait … you’ve made a pledge with yourself to shop more sustainably and not get trapped in the tumultuous world of ‘fast fashion’. Can you still keep up with the fall 2017 trends whilst trying to maintain an ethical wardrobe? Here we’re unravelling this conundrum to see if sustainable fashion can still be trendy … 

Slow fashion explained

Often described as the future of clothing, the term ‘slow fashion’ is all about seeing our clothing and accessories in a more long-term, sustainable way, rather than getting swept up in cravings for cheap, trend-focused garments that we’ll only wear once. This sustainable fashion revolution aims to see consumers choosing quality over quantity, styling themselves in timeless, ethically-produced pieces that have longevity at their heart.

Whilst the key is to focus on a range of core pieces that will see you through multiple seasons, fear not, for this doesn’t mean you can’t acknowledge the latest trends. And it certainly doesn’t equate to drab or unattractive outfits. Sustainable fashion followers employ some clever tricks to give a nod to the latest looks, with a ‘reuse, reinvent, revive’ motto for those special garments that accompany their year-round wardrobe staples. 

Sustainable Fashion & Fall 2017 trends

1. Make a statement

T-shirts with bold statements have been popping up in fashion collections more and more frequently over the past few years. This fall, they are speaking out louder and prouder than ever, offering candid statements in every high street window. You too can make a statement, without getting stuck in that cycle of fast fashion furore. If you’ve got a plain old tee that hasn’t seen much attention in a while, use that as your blank canvas and get crafting! Shout out your statement, safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit by reusing old clothing.

sustainable fashion fall 2017 trend statement t-shirt

2. Faux fur and shearling collars

Perfect for keeping you toasty on a chilly autumn day, faux fur and shearling collars have been a big hit on the fall catwalks. And this is a trend that you can easily adapt to suit slow fashion. Rather than darting down to the high street and purchasing a brand-new coat, why not get creative with an existing one and reinvent it with a cosy collar? Customising your old clothes is a great way of embracing your existing wardrobe and keeping waste out of landfills.

sustainable fashion fall 2017 trend shearling collar

3. 80s and 90s nostalgia

The ‘Marmite’ of this season’s trends, 80s and 90s nostalgia, has certainly caused a stir since its heavy influence on the catwalk. The laidback sportswear movement that swept the nation in its heyday is back, with matching co-ord tracksuits and cross-body bum-bags taking centre stage. This is a perfect trend for a slow fashion follower who relishes frequent visits to their local vintage shop and often raids their parents’ wardrobes for recently-revived throwbacks.

sustainable fashion 2017 fall trend sportswear

Slow fashion is getting trendier

What’s clear from a look at fall 2017 trends, is that slow fashion is becoming a big trend in itself. More and more designers are taking on the challenge of creating beautiful clothes that don’t compromise on ethics, with some big names in the fashion industry demonstrating that sustainability and fashion don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

And it’s not just on the catwalks where sustainability is becoming more fashionable. There are an ever-increasing number of brands now focussing on slow fashion, using sustainably sourced materials that travel along transparent supply chains. Take us, for example: creating artisan leather accessories that are designed to last a lifetime. Right at the heart of Colville Leather is the belief that crafting quality, reliable products that can grow old with their owners is the key to ensuring sustainability in the long run. 

We hope we’ve helped demonstrate that by simply reusing, reinventing and reviving your wardrobe, you can follow the latest fall 2017 trends without having to buy into fast fashion. With a few core items to see you all year round, combined with some cleverly customised pieces, you can stay faithful to the slow fashion revolution whilst looking trendier than ever. 

If you have any tips on how to adapt the latest trends to suit slow fashion, we’d love to hear them - please share them on social media and get involved in the sustainability revolution. And check out our blog for some top tips on how to start building an ethical wardrobe.

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