Introducing the oak bark leather keychain

Handmade leather keychain

Give a warm welcome to the newest member of our Colville Leather range, the oak bark leather keychain.  Affordable, practical and beautifully handcrafted, an oak bark keychain makes the perfect stocking filler, especially for that special someone who’s forever losing their keys!

Quality Devon leather

These new keychains have been lovingly handcrafted from a very special leather, one that we feel hugely excited and privileged to be working with. J & FJ Baker oak bark tanned leather is made using traditional techniques, in a local Devon tannery that has roots all the way back to the Roman era. Coming from a tannery steeped in such history, we like to think that the oak bark leather we use is infused with a rich authenticity, honouring ancient artisans and their time-honoured leatherwork techniques.

j and fj baker oakbark tanned leather

The skilled and dedicated team at the J & FJ Baker tannery use local resources and an all-natural English tanning method to turn their hides into a strong, lightweight and beautiful leather. This traditional tanning method uses only oak bark and stream water. Once the oak bark has been stripped from the trees and left to dry out for 2-3 years, it is ground down into small pieces. These pieces are then soaked in cold stream water to produce the natural tanning solution, which is pumped into the tan yard. Over a period of 12 months, locally-sourced raw hides are tanned and dried in a process that cannot be reversed. This may be a slow process, but it produces a celebrated and sought-after leather that looks great and smells divine.

To find out more about how the world-renowned oak bark tanned leather is made, take a look at our blog post.

No two keychains the same

Each butt of oak bark leather boasts completely unique colouration and markings. The natural characteristics of the hide are preserved thanks to the gentle tanning process, meaning the distinctive textures and pores of each cut are proudly displayed for all to see. This means that no two oak bark leather keychains are the same. They are one-offs, each keychain wearing its unique markings with pride. Oozing charisma and individuality, these new Colville accessories make for special Christmas gifts that are sure to leave their new owners truly charmed.

Stitching and hardware

Our oak bark leather keychains are handstitched using a traditional saddle stitch, giving a great rugged aesthetic. A saddle stitch is performed with two blunt needles, an awl (a small pointed tool for piercing holes) and typically waxed linen thread. By using two needles and stitching together from both sides of the leather, a locking stitch is created. This makes the stitching much more robust, which is great for everyday items like keychains.

Each keychain is finished with a solid lobster swivel clip that can easily attach to a belt loop or bag, which means no more lost keys. The clip will keep its strength too - perfect for the daily use that comes with a keychain.

Choose your colour

Available in a choice of three different colours, there’s an oak bark keychain to suit everyone’s tastes. Whether you choose dark oak, London tan or black, you can be sure your keychain will be crafted with care, to the highest standard. These oak bark keychains make great companions for the oak bark tanned leather belts, which are available in the same three colours.

Sustainability is key

All our products are expertly handcrafted, with quality and longevity in mind. We’re passionate about the ever-growing slow fashion movement, and thrive on re-introducing people to the beauty of timeless artisanal leather products. Colville Leather believes that part of the answer to a more sustainable future is to create products that can last for decades. This way, we’re addressing the negative effects of the leather industry and helping to thwart the disconcerting world of fast fashion we find ourselves in.

Our commitment to sustainability and concern for the environment is also evident through our focus on natural manufacturing and dyeing processes.  We work hard to minimise waste – wherever possible we use any leftover leather to make smaller items like our keychains.

Find out more about our passion for sustainability here.

So there you have it, an introduction to our newest Colville Leather accessory. With its classic design, handcrafted charm and high-quality finish, the oak bark leather keychain makes a wonderful Christmas stocking filler that’s guaranteed to spread some festive cheer.

Plus, we think there’s something extra special about buying handcrafted gifts, especially ones that are sourced and made locally. Each oak bark keychain has been lovingly made in our Devon workshop, with an unmistakable passion for quality and sustainability that any conscious consumer is sure to admire.

The Colville Leather oak bark keychain costs £17. For guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas, be sure to order your Colville Leather gifts by 4th December for international orders and by 15th December for UK orders. Buy the oak bark leather keychain here.

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