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Leather accessories for your summer travels

Are you looking to upgrade your look with some unique accessories for your summer travels? Why not invest in some beautifully handcrafted, timeless leather accessories to instantly transform your holiday style. 

Our leather accessories are designed and made for longevity. We don’t buy into the world of fast fashion. We’re into creating beautiful products that last and don’t need replacing. Products you can pass on to your children and their children. 

For inspiration, look no further than some of these leather accessories that can travel with you, and then grow old with you. 

Oak Bark Keychain

Keep your keys safe while travelling! This tastefully created leather accessory is a practical must-have. If you’re not a fan of a keychain hanging from your belt, the ‘lobster swivel’ clip can also be attached to the inside of your bag. You’ll never lose your keys again! 

Hand-stitched and made from the unique Devon Oak Bark Tanned Leather, this essential leather keychain can be purchased in three colours: Dark Oak, London Tan or Black. Due to the nature of the leather used, no two keychains will look the same. Beautifully unique. 

oak bark keychain by Colville Leather
Oak Bark Keychain

The Voyager

An often disregarded accessory is the notebook. Journalling, documenting, recording: something we should all do whilst travelling to remember. Remember what was breathtaking, remember what went wrong but in hindsight is funny. Remember what delights were discovered and what moments were experienced. 

A notebook is also handy for list-making and deciding a holiday itinerary. Noting down places to visit, restaurants to eat in - you’ve got the idea. 

Colville Leather have handcrafted a notebook holder, available to choose in 7 different colours, designed around the Moleskine notepads. (Any similar notepad will easily fit too). A pen holder on the front is a neat little extra to save the hassle of finding a pen at the bottom of your backpack. 

handcrafted leather notebook holder by Colville Leather
The Voyager

The Voyager can hold up to two notebooks (it already comes with one), three credit cards or a few business cards. One of our customers reported carrying his passport, notebook and travel documents in the Voyager. A stylish way to keep organised!

The Voyager’s patina will change and develop with sunlight and the natural oils in your hand. A stunningly unique leather accessory for your summer travels. 

Roll-Top Backpack

Another timeless yet classic leather accessory for your travels - a backpack. This entire bag is hand-stitched using a rot-resistant, waxed thread and boasts solid brass hardware. It has been designed with ‘strength and longevity in mind’, and is roomy and versatile enough to carry all your travel essentials. One of our customers thinks it might be the last bag he’ll ever need to buy!

You can read about its Canadian adventures here… Trust us, it’s a firm favourite.

roll-top backpack from Colville Leather
Roll-top backpack


The Eddy Wallet

The Eddy Wallet is a simplified bi-fold wallet. It is perfect for holding 8 cards and some folded cash. You don’t want to be taking your supermarket or coffee shop loyalty cards on your travels! The leather can be stretched to hold more, but remember, once you’ve stretched it, there’s no going back! Do ask about the three-pocket option if you’re keen to be able to carry more. Choose from an impressive selection of 8 colours, and you’ll get yourself a 100% hand-stitched, one-of-a-kind wallet.

handcrafted leather wallet by Colville Leather

The Harvest Tote Bag

The word ‘tote’ means ‘carry’ or ‘bear’. It is currently one of the most popular styles of bags and is a hugely desirable accessory for travelling past-times - shopping and sight-seeing!

Colville Leather has created a leather tote bag, completely stitched by hand with solid copper rivets. Designed to last and beautifully age, the main body is made from the famous Horween Derby leather, with Devon Oak Bark Tanned straps. You can store essential items in the small internal pocket for easy access and it snaps shut with a strong magnetic snap clasp.

You can read more about Horween Derby leather here

harvest tote leather bag by Colville LeatherThe Harvest Tote Bag

Becoming a conscious consumer

We pride ourselves in handcrafting these leather accessories without a machine in sight. We think the uniqueness and individuality that our products exude make them highly desirable fashion accessories for those who are committed to redefining the world of fashion. We live in a world where ‘throw-away’ is becoming too often associated with high street brands and everyday fashion. We have been conditioned to spend cheaply and spend more frequently. We buy more than we need, and discard when what we do buy doesn’t last.

Colville Leather are trying to reintroduce the notion of shopping with quality and longevity in mind. We’re trying to encourage the emergence of the ‘conscious consumer’.

To view our full range of handcrafted leather accessories, check out our website. If you’d like more information where else to shop ethically, read this article. And of course, feel free to contact us directly.

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