Introducing the Oak Bark Tanned Leather Belt

UK handmade oak bark tanned leather belt with brass buckle

We often say that the oak bark tanned leather belt is a belt that your grandchildren will be arguing over! Made from special Devon oak bark tanned leather, with solid brass buckles, it’s definitely a belt that will age and mature with you over a lifetime. 

The leather

More than any other leather we carry, each butt of oak bark tanned leather and every strap cut from it holds completely unique colouration and markings. The leather is made using a traditional English tanning process in a local Devon tannery that’s been around since Roman times. 

It’s a natural process that uses only stripped oak bark and stream water to tan the leather over an 18 month long process. Find out more about how oak bark tanned leather is made over on our blog post about J & FJ Baker leather. 

making oak bark tanned leather for belts

This gentle method of tannage preserves the natural characters of the hide and displays all the beautiful textures and pores of the leather. A slow up-titration of tannin concentration and gentle processing in shallow pits preserve the leather’s natural toughness and strength. It also results in incredibly lightweight, flexible leather that moulds comfortably to your waist shape after a couple of days’ wear.

On top of that, it smells amazing with that clean, fresh aroma that is characteristic of oak bark tanning.

Handcrafted in Devon

Each of our leather belts, wallets and accessories are handcrafted by Matt in our Devon workshop. He uses traditional artisan techniques to create unique, one-off products of the highest quality.

Matt making artisan leather belts and accessories in our Devon workshop

What we especially love about the oak bark tanned leather belt, is that the hides used to make the leather are also local to Devon, as is the tanning process.

Hardware and finishing

The oak bark tanned leather belt is finished with solid brass British buckles and rivets. The brass will stay strong and keep its good looks for years to come, even with daily use. 

handmade oak bark tanned leather belt in process of being made

The edges of the belt are burnished to a smooth finish and the minimal, sleek design makes it unobtrusive to wear.

And finally, each belt holds the unique Colville Leather mark, discretely stamped next to the buckle.

Styling the oak bark tanned leather belt

The classic design means that this belt will outlast any fashion fads that come and go. Whilst it looks great with formal wear, it’s a perfect everyday belt that works especially well with jeans.

Because it’s so hardwearing, everyday use will only improve the belt. Each belt ages beautifully, developing a unique patina over time depending on how and where you wear it.

Don’t just hide this belt away for special occasions. It’s made to be worn. And its made to last.

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