Introducing our hand dyed leather belts

Say hello to the hand dyed leather belt range. Like all our products these beautiful belts are handcrafted in our Devon workshop using traditional artisanal techniques.

We’ve used a variety of hand dyeing techniques and finishes to create a range of belts that really celebrate the unique qualities of leather.

Celebrating the natural beauty of leather

Our hand dyed belts aren’t drenched in chemicals. This means they will alter in coloration and texture over the years. Oils from your hands and natural sunlight will age the leather gradually. This ageing process is to be celebrated, much like a fine wine maturing over time.

Where we can, we use natural dyes. To offer a full range of colours we do also use oil dyes. But we always do our bit to contribute to sustainable practices by ensuring our items are crafted for longevity; they are not just some disposable accessory, but something you'll cherish for a lifetime.

The dyeing process

Apart from the oak-bark tanned leather, the leather hides we use to make our belts arrive at our workshop un-treated. The leather is treated very organically with natural oils and waxes, allowing natural variations in the hide to show through, creating a beautiful aged look.

Our natural leather belts are about celebrating the natural colour of the leather. Rather than dyeing the leather we treat it with olive oil to replace the oils that are lost during the making process. These are then conditioned with our custom leather conditioner to preserve the unique characteristics of the leather.

natural leather belt

This process of treating the leather ensures that the belts age gracefully, developing a gradual patina; a natural sheen, glaze, or darkening of the leather's surface that is the hallmark of all quality leather products.

Our Walnut brown belts feature a dye created from walnut husks. This produces a gorgeous mottled effect that creates textural variations reflecting the natural variations of the leather.

walnut brown vegetable dyed leather belt

We also use Fiebling's Professional oil dyes which are great for offering a wide range of colours; from walnut brown to tan, to chocolate... all finished with our custom leather conditioner to protect against moisture.

handmade leather belt

Finishing the hand dyed leather belts

All our belts are finished with a treatment from our custom made conditioner. Made from a mix of olive oil and beeswax, this conditioner allows the leather to interact with its environment and enabling that unique ageing process that celebrates the natural beauty of the leather.


Our hand dyed leather belts are available with a choice of stainless steel or solid brass buckles and rivets. These are sourced from our British suppliers in Walsall.

walnut belt stainless steel buckles

Masters of our craft

Centred around the passion for quality craftsmanship of Matt, our master craftsman, the whole stitching, dyeing, and finishing process is completed in-house. This means each belt is a true original featuring subtle variations that give each item its own unique character.

Sustainable and enduring

Our products are built to last a lifetime. We reject the modern "fast fashion" mentality that devalues handicraft and puts enormous strain on the environment.

Our commitment to sustainability is based on our focus on natural manufacturing and dyeing processes as well as our commitment to our products over the course of their lifetime. That's why we offer a lifetime warranty and provide after care for your products.

Our leather isn't imported pre-dyed. This means we can control the dyeing process and ensure the leather is not subject to the kind of industrial dyeing techniques that are so ruinous to the environment and often soften the leather as if ashamed of its organic origins.

If you are looking for superb quality, lovingly crafted leather belts, sourced locally and with a focus on longevity and sustainability, the hand-dyed leather belt is your guy.

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