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How to find your belt size

how to find your belt size

A good belt is like a loyal, steadfast friend, staying with you through the years, growing old with you. It sees you through the pressures of everyday life. It shares the most special of occasions with you. To get the most from your belt though, a good fit is essential. Choosing the right size can be tricky, as your waist measurement doesn’t correspond directly to your belt measurement. This can sometimes catch people out, so that’s why we’ve made this handy guide on how to find your belt size. With these helpful tips, you can make sure your new purchase fits perfectly.

How to find your belt size by measuring an existing belt

If you already have a belt at home that fits well, then measuring this can be a simple, sure-fire way to find the right size for you. Follow these straightforward steps and you’ll know your correct measurement in no time:

1. Lay your belt on a flat surface, making sure that it’s fully extended and that the buckle isn’t folded. Placing a heavy object on both ends will help to keep it flat.

2. With your measuring tape, measure in inches from the far end of the buckle to the belt hole that you use the most. Keep this number in mind.

3. Choose the size closest to this number when making your purchase. The given measurement will be to the centre hole on your new belt.


how to find your belt size by measuring an existing belt


How to find your belt size by measuring your waist

If you don’t have a belt that fits well, don’t worry. You can also measure your waist to find your belt size. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Put on a pair of trousers that fit well. We recommend choosing a pair that you’ll wear frequently with your new belt, in order to help you find the best size.

2. Thread a fabric measuring tape through the belt loops, as you would a belt. Make sure the tape is at the same level where you plan to wear your new belt, in the middle of the belt loops. Pinch the two sides of the tape together where they meet in front, this measurement is your belt size.

Custom made Colville Leather belts

All of our handmade leather belts are custom made to size and lovingly crafted to last. We want your Colville belt to mature with you, sharing your memories and gradually developing a patina unique to your touch. Be sure to follow the sizing description exactly, so that you pick a perfectly-fitting belt that’ll have the chance to grow old with you.

We hope this guide on how to find your belt size will be useful. If you have any questions about sizing though, feel free to contact us and we’ll happily do our best to advise.

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