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How to choose the perfect handmade leather wallet

It follows you wherever you go, knows you better than anyone else and you feel lost without it. There is no doubt that when it comes to accessories, a man’s wallet is the unsung hero. It holds your most personal information and unlocks your purchasing power. It is your pocket-sized survival kit for 21st century life.

Although it is easy to take your wallet for granted, finding the perfect wallet is worth the effort. A wallet should suit your daily habits and spending patterns. It should be functional yet comfortable to carry; stylish yet hardwearing. But with so many options on the market, where do you start? 

To equip you to choose the perfect handmade leather wallet we’ll first discuss functionality, then consider style.

What you need from your wallet 

There are several overarching categories of wallet on the market. These range from simplistic, lightweight options, to larger, more versatile styles. Everything from a money clip to a travel wallet. Some men like to keep things as simple as possible. Others treat their wallet like a toolkit and want to have all available components.

Slimline wallets

For men who don’t want to be weighed down by a bulky wallet, or be followed by the jingle of loose change, a slimline wallet is a great option. These generally carry just the bare necessities such as a few cards and perhaps some notes. Since they are so small they can fit in the front pocket of your trousers. This has security benefits and minimises damage to your jeans over time. 

Handmade leather wallet - The Runnel from Colville Leather

Minimalism is key in the design of the slimline wallet. The Runnel is an example of this style, a compact hard holder focussing on simplicity and elegance. Measuring 110 x 70mm, it fits comfortably in a pocket. Its simple finish allows three pockets without the extra bulk that buckles or zips would bring.

Bi-Fold wallets

A classic among wallets, the bi-fold design goes one further than the slim line wallet. Probably the most popular choice for handmade leather wallets on the market, this option is still neat but encompasses all you need from day to day. There is usually a good number of pockets for cards, while often having a larger space for cash too.

handmade leather wallet - The Levee from Colville Leather

Colville Leather has several variations on this popular wallet format. The Levee is a traditional bi-fold wallet design. With multiple smaller pockets and large back pocket, it allows you to carry and categorise a range of cards, notes and receipts. Yet this wallet remains simple and elegant, without clips or buckles. And it fits very comfortably even in a smaller pocket.

The all-inclusive

If you are someone who carries a lot of cash as well as cards, you may want something more substantial. A larger style tri-fold wallet will have the extra pockets you need to carry all your cards at once. The addition of a zipped pocket will also enable you to keep coins or other small valuables secure.

handmade leather wallet - The Dart from Colville Leather

Designed with the traditional biker wallet in mind, the Dart incorporates the security of a zipped coin pocket, as well as having poppers to keep cards in place. 

The making of your wallet

Given the daily use that the humble wallet undergoes, the construction of your wallet needs careful consideration. Each additional zip or fastening introduces more risk of breakage, so look for quality components and craftsmanship to ensure it lasts. 

The material you choose will determine the lifespan of the wallet. Fabric wallets offer a range of colours and patterns. However fabric will wear out quickly, since it is a thinner material. More rigid materials such as metal or plastic are susceptible to fracturing or warping. They lack the flexibility needed in an accessory which is constantly on the move. This is one of the reasons leather remains such a popular choice when it comes to wallets.

The advantages of a leather wallet

We may be biased, but we are not alone in thinking that there is no better option than leather. Men have been carrying leather wallets for hundreds of years, since the first introduction of paper money, and it is a trend that is unlikely to change any time soon. When it comes to style, leather provides a finish that works with your whole wardrobe. Moreover, a leather wallet will improve with age, moulding to your style. It will develop a unique character as you use it.

a choice of leather for Colville Leather handmade wallets

Colville Leather quality

But not all leathers are made equal. With so many cheap or imitation leathers on the market it cannot be assumed that leather automatically equals quality. 

We passionately believe in slow fashion. Quality materials create quality accessories. Our leathers are sourced from carefully selected tanneries, such as the renowned Horween Leather Co. All our leathers are 100% vegetable tanned so they will age beautifully over time. We advise our customers on how to take good care of their leather items to ensure their longevity and sustained quality.

How to choose the perfect handmade leather wallet

When the time comes to replace your weathered friend, take the time to consider what type of leather wallet works for you. Be sure to research the materials and craftsmanship that goes into the making of the wallet. Find a wallet whose creator has loved it as much as you will. 

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