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Introducing our Handmade leather tote bag: The Harvest Tote

Feast your eyes on our handmade leather tote bag, The Harvest Tote. Meticulously designed and crafted by Colville’s master craftsman, no detail has been overlooked. Stylish and functional in equal measure, The Harvest Tote brings a new wave of elegance to our collection of leather bags.

handmade leather tote bag on wooden bench

Here we’re turning the spotlight onto The Harvest Tote to find out what makes it such a special accessory ...

Style and functionality combined

Known for their versatility, tote bags have many practical uses. From supporting busy working life in the city, to serving as a practical day bag on your weekend adventures, a tote bag is a great place to pack your everyday cargo. Today, the tote bag comes in many forms. There’s the cheap and cheerful canvas shopper, right the way up to the luxury man-bag that’s perfect for showing off in the boardroom.

The Harvest Tote combines the admired practicality of the classic tote bag with a timeless aesthetic. The result? A stylish accessory, delivering a sophisticated finesse to your everyday look.

An attractive mix of style and functionality, it has plenty of space for all your necessities. Its generous dimensions mean it can fit everything you need for a day at the office or a day out with the family. The Harvest Tote features a small internal pocket to keep your essentials safe and within easy reach. There’s also a strong magnetic snap clasp to hold the top of the bag closed - ideal for when you’re on the move.

handmade leather tote bag close up of interior pocket and metal clasp

Handmade in the UK from the finest vegetable tanned leathers

The body of The Harvest Tote is lovingly handcrafted from the very special Horween Derby leather. Infused with a unique tale of artisan craftsmanship from across the pond, this Chicago leather echoes the famous Horween commitment to quality. Nearly three years of dedication were invested into its perfection, which is why it’s some of the best leather we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Horween Derby leather is a waxed, vegetable-tanned side variety made using traditional tools and techniques. The hides are nourished with emulsified oils during production, which creates an authentic, natural look with growth marks and scars standing proud. That’s why this type of leather is ideal for creating unique leather accessories with plenty of character, just like The Harvest tote bag.

The Harvest Tote's straps are made from the renowned J & FJ Baker oak bark tanned leather. We love working with this leather. Sourced from a local Devon tannery that’s steeped in rich Roman history, this leather represents generations of hardworking artisans and their talented craft.

The hides are tanned using only oak bark and stream water, creating a celebrated leather that looks great and smells even better. The finished product is strong yet lightweight - perfect for bag straps. Much like Horween Derby leather, the distinctive textures of each oak bark strap are proudly displayed.

A handmade leather tote bag built for everyday use

The Colville Leather Harvest Tote is stitched 100% by hand! We use a traditional saddle stitch with strong, waxed, rot-resistant thread. This is ideal for creating durable everyday items to last for years to come. Hand stitching also creates a stylish rugged aesthetic, and allows us to personally ensure that every stitch is completed to the highest standard.

We use solid copper rivets as well, which means The Harvest Tote is more than prepared for the daily and repetitive use that comes with a tote bag.

handmade leather tote bag close up of hand stitches and metal rivets

What makes The Harvest different to other leather bags in the UK?

When you buy The Harvest Tote, you’re investing in a painstaking work of art. Unlike many leather bags on the market, it is made entirely by hand without a machine in sight. We pride ourselves on honouring the ancient manual techniques of our artisan ancestors, and like to think their story is told through our products.

In addition, The Harvest Tote is made from not one, but two, world-renowned leathers! A charismatic mix of UK and US leathers, it represents a unique fusion of leather production from across the world.

How to style a leather tote bag

The classic design of this fine leather tote means it will withstand the test of time, outlasting any fast fashion fads that come and go. Handcrafted leather accessories hold a coveted status in the world of fashion, thanks to their sensory appeal, enduring style and palpable quality. Their timeless character has captivated designers and consumers alike, so it’s safe to say that The Harvest Tote will remain fashionable as other trends fade in and out of the limelight.

The simple, understated style of The Harvest Tote makes it the perfect everyday accessory. Fashion experts herald the tote bag as  “the ultimate easy accessory, versatile in both style and practicality and can be worn with everything from casual to formal looks.”

Style The Harvest Tote with work wear for a smart and sophisticated look that’s sure to command attention on your commute. Alternatively, you can pair it with a casual outfit for a stylish day-to-day ensemble. The Harvest Tote's rich brown hues are the perfect complement to denim tones, so it looks great teamed with a pair of jeans!

The Harvest Tote is priced at £290. Due to the amount of work involved in crafting this beautiful handmade leather tote bag, please allow up to four weeks for it to be made. Buy The Harvest Tote here.

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