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Handmade leather belts: the ultimate collection

image of a Colville Leather handcrafter leather belt with Colville Leather's roll-top backpack in the background

A loyal leather belt is a must-have for any man’s wardrobe. Practical, stylish and dependable, it is a go-to accessory that’s ready and willing to see you through just about any occasion. Colville Leather’s ultimate collection of handmade leather belts is simply perfect for the modern gentleman. With a focus on traditional craftsmanship, classic styling and unrivalled quality, each of our handcrafted belts is an exquisite work of art.  

An exquisite simplicity  

What makes our collection of handmade leather belts so special? Well, we like to keep things simple. This means no complicated fixings, no over-treated leather and no over-the-top decorative details. Instead, we pride ourselves on crafting leather belts that are simple and practical, but also aesthetically appealing at the same time. We think we’ve got the combination of style and functionality just right. Our handmade belts are timeless accessories, ready to faithfully fulfil their purpose for years to come, whilst never going out of fashion.  

The finest leather craftsmanship   

Image of Matt Nesbitt from Colville Leather handcrafting men's leather accessories

Not only does Colville Leather's collection of leather belts possess a stunning simplicity, it represents an exquisite level of workmanship. A Colville Leather belt is nurtured from start to finish and made entirely by hand. No machines, no mass production, just authentic artisan craftsmanship using only traditional tools and techniques. This means we can personally ensure each of our belts are produced to the highest standard. 

image of two reels of rot resistant thread used by Colville Leather in their handmade leather accessories

All our stitching is done by hand using strong, waxed, rot-resistant thread. This helps create strong and reliable products that can withstand daily wear. We make sure we use only the finest hardware to finish off our leather belts as well. We want you to be able to buckle up with confidence, safe in the knowledge that your Colville Leather belt is ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. 

Beautifully versatile   

The simple, classic design of our handmade leather belts means that they can be paired with just about any colour and style of trousers. Team them with smart suit trousers for a formal occasion, or wear them with jeans or chinos for a more casual look. Plus, our wide choice of colours and buckles means it’s easy to find a belt that works with your wardrobe.  

Oak bark tanned leather belt 

image of oak bark belt by Colville Leather

Now you know what makes our collection of handmade leather belts so special, let’s take a closer look at the range, starting with our oak bark tanned belt. With nothing but five-star reviews from owners of this belt, it’s a treasure that your grandchildren will be arguing over in years to come! Described as a “thing of wonder” by one of our customers, it is widely celebrated for its exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality finish.  

Just as the name suggests, we handcraft this belt from the very finest oak bark tanned leather, which we source from a local East Devon tannery. Infused with a beautiful authenticity, J & FJ Baker oak bark tanned leather is made using traditional techniques rooted in the Roman era. An all-natural English tanning method, using only oak bark and stream water, is used to turn the raw hides into a strong, lightweight and beautiful leather. To find out more about how the world-renowned oak bark tanned leather is made, take a look at our blog post. 

close up image of the buckle of an oak bark belt handmade by Colville Leather

The oak bark belt is finished with either solid brass or stainless-steel hardware that will reliably withstand everyday use. It is available in three colours: Dark Oak, London Tan and Black – which means you can choose a finish to suit you and the rest of your ethical wardrobe. 

Colville’s oak bark tanned leather belt costs £89. Take a closer look here

Hand-dyed belt range 

“A belt with soul!”. With traditional craftsmanship woven into every stitch, each Colville hand-dyed belt is a tribute to our artisan ancestors. Praised for their beautiful finish and unbeatable quality, our hand-dyed belts make the perfect complement to any man’s wardrobe. 

image showing two Colville Leather hand dyed belts and the ageing process over 6 months

We use the finest quality vegetable tanned leather hides to produce stylish belts that will stand the test of time. As with all our belts, you have a choice between a solid brass or stainless-steel buckle depending on your personal taste. Stitched, finished and dyed by hand, each belt will be unique. Their hues will alter as oils from your hands and natural exposure to sunlight take effect, slowly creating a patina that’s simply bursting with character.  

Our hand-dyed belt collection includes four colours: Walnut Brown, Tan, Chocolate and Natural. With a choice of hues and buckles available, there is a Colville Leather belt for any man and any occasion. 

a chocolate coloured hand dyed leather belt from Colville Leather

A hand-dyed belt is priced at £59. Shop the range here

Sizing up 

So, there you have it – the ultimate collection of handmade leather belts. A Colville Leather belt will cement you as a man at the top of his style game. With timeless appeal and an undeniable charm, it will add a slick finishing touch to any outfit. For an expertly-crafted genuine leather belt without the green guilt, Colville Leather have got you covered. 

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to find out more about how our belts are made. All our belts are custom made to size, so be sure to follow the sizing description exactly before you place an order. For a handy how-to on finding your belt size, visit our guide

Check out the rest of our handmade leather accessories, including wallets, bags and keychains, on our website. 

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