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Handcrafted leather wallets and belts: blending functionality and style for men.

You’re on the lookout for some new leather accessories: a wallet that will hopefully become a faithful friend for years to come, or a new belt to join you on all your adventures. You know you want something that’s simple and stylish – a timeless classic that will endure the ever-changing fashion cycles. You need something practical as well though – a leather wallet or belt that will stand the test of time and actually fulfil its purpose.

Image of The Runnel handcrafted leather wallet from Colville Leather

Look no further for this blend: our beautifully handcrafted leather wallets and belts are rich in charm and understated elegance, with longevity and functionality at their core. 

Simplicity is key

We believe that the secret to creating an effortless balance between functionality and style is to keep things simple. This means no complicated fixings or unnecessary features, no unauthentic, over-treated leather and no ostentatious decorative details.

Image of Colville Leather handcrafted belt

The result? Leather goods that are simple and practical in their design, but smart and stylish in equal measure. Our master craftsman Matt prides himself on designing and creating timeless leather accessories for the modern man that can faithfully fulfil their purpose for years to come whilst never going out of fashion.

Only the best leathers

Another way we’re able to blend functionality and style is by using the highest quality leathers, famous for their strength, versatility and striking looks. We use only full grain vegetable tanned leather that is cut, stitched and riveted by hand. Vegetable tanning creates leather that is thick and hardwearing, with a wonderful ‘organic’ look.

image showing a roll of leather used for Colville Leather products

Take our Oak Bark Tanned Leather Belt, for instance, which is made from the finest J & FJ Baker Oak Bark Tanned leather, direct from a local Devon tannery. This leather is renowned for being strong, lightweight and flexible, making it perfect for belts that are used every day. Not only is it a very practical leather, but each butt boasts distinctive colourings and markings that contribute to an authentic, charismatic final look. This is perfect for the unique and charming style we want to provide our customers with.

Many of our wallets are crafted from the truly special Horween Derby leather, a high-quality, Chicago-made, vegetable-tanned leather that’s renowned across the industry for its excellence. We’re confident that thanks to the years of dedication that were invested into the perfection of Derby Leather by the Horween family, our wallets will last a lifetime when treated with the right care and attention.

During production, the full grain hides are nourished and conditioned with emulsified oils, which means that the finished leather ages beautifully over time, with growth marks and scars standing proud. This makes it perfect for creating unique, handsome wallets that boast a captivating, rugged look.

image showing the Longshore Leather Wallet by Colville Leather

Take The Longshore, for example: a Horween leather wallet with a beautiful aged appearance and stunning colouration. It’s not all about appearance though – with space for between two and six cards, and room for notes on the reverse, this bi-fold wallet is equally as functional.

High-quality hardware

In our quest to marry together style and functionality in our products, high-quality hardware is essential. We’re proud to source our brass hardware from Walsall-based foundry Abbey England, known across the globe for their superior metalwork and even awarded a Royal Warrant for their quality goods. We can rely on their sand casted brass buckles to withstand frequent use and match the loyalty of our leather goods. What’s more, not only can we be sure of their reliability, but these authentically-produced buckles complement our traditionally-crafted leather belts perfectly, further adding to the timeless style we strive to provide.


Image of Matt Nesbitt from Colville Leather

The expert techniques we use also enable us to maintain a high level of style and functionality. By stitching all our goods by hand, we are able to personally ensure that each leather product is of the highest standard, ready to join its new owner on a lifetime of adventures. A traditional saddle stitch with strong, waxed, rot-resistant thread is perfect for creating strong and durable products that can withstand everyday use. Furthermore, this type of stitching is in-keeping with the overall classic design of our belts and wallets.

Master craftsman Matt also frequently tests our products out himself, helping to identify any tweaks that would further improve design or functionality.

Image of Colville Leather stitching process

With a Colville Leather handcrafted leather wallet or belt, you don’t have to choose style over functionality, or vice versa. Why should men have to forfeit one of these elements when shopping for accessories? Style and functionality are both important, and certainly don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We guarantee the best of both worlds with our products, each of which represents a beautiful, handcrafted marriage of steadfast practicality and effortless design flair.

Take a look around our website to see our full range of handcrafted leather wallets and belts. And of course, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products, or if you’d like to discuss a bespoke item.

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