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Colville Leather's Moleskine Notebook Holder, The Tourer

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Kickstart your summer journalling

Summer is well and truly underway. Whether you’re escaping the humdrum routine of work and jetting off for a chilled week away, or cramming everything but the kitchen sink into the car for the annual family camping trip, summer is a time for adventure. It’s al fresco dinners with friends, barbecues on the beach, family picnics in the park. It’s sharing time with loved ones in the great outdoors. It’s closing your eyes and savouring the feel of the sun’s rays on your face.  

image showing Colville Leather's The Tourer leather Moleskine notebook holder

And what better way to document all these summer memories, than by keeping a journal? From the funny, to the poignant, to the downright bizarre, capture the details of those summer adventures that you’ll want to treasure for years to come. Your future self will thank you for encapsulating all those special moments in one place. 

Here at Colville Leather, we’ve got just the thing to help you kickstart your summer journalling: our Moleskine notebook holder, The Tourer. This charming handmade notebook holder is simply perfect for protecting your notes, and is sure to become your closest companion over the summer months. 

Your perfect summer sidekick 

Designed to become your loyal summer sidekick, The Tourer is perfectly sized for the popular Moleskine notebooks (although it will easily fit notebooks of a similar size and design). It even comes complete with a Moleskine notebook, so you can get journalling straight away! This versatile holder can carry up to two notebooks, along with three credit cards or a handful of business cards, making it the perfect everyday carry for your summertime jaunts. Plus, with a full-length pen sleeve on the front cover, your favourite pen will be on hand at all times.   

Handmade from Horween Derby leather  

image of colville leather's moleskine notebook holder

Lovingly handcrafted in the heart of the Westcountry, this Moleskine notebook holder is a work of art. Made from the world-famous Horween Derby leather, it brings a touch of Chicago history from across the pond. Part of the Essex family of leather, Horween Derby leather is a waxed, vegetable-tanned side variety. The hides are nourished and conditioned with emulsified oils and waxes during production. This means that the finished leather ages beautifully over time, with growth marks and scars standing proud. It also produces an amazing ‘pull up’ effect, where the leather lightens in colour when folded or turned. These special qualities make Horween Derby leather perfect for creating unique, striking products with lots of rugged charm.   

We adore working with Horween Derby leather. Five generations of the Horween family have invested their passion and expertise into producing some of the world’s most outstanding leathers. This devotion is palpable with every Derby hide, and with each Tourer that we carefully craft. Not only does this Moleskine notebook holder look and feel beautiful, but every inch is infused with the famous Horween commitment to quality. 

You can read more about the Horween Leather Company and their exquisite Derby leather in our blog post

A patina unique to you  

image showing Colville Leather's The Tourer moleskine notebook holder in nut brown leather

Not only will your journal be bursting with all your special summer memories, its cover will have its own intriguing story to tell. The cover of The Tourer will develop a patina unique to its owner. It will change with use as the oils in your hands and the natural sunlight take effect on the leather. It will grow old with you, ageing in its own individual way depending on how and where it’s been used. Every mark, every scar and every colour change will hint of the tales captured in your journal. 

Made to last a lifetime 

Just like all of our Colville Leather products, our Moleskine notebook holder is carefully crafted with longevity in mind. We are truly passionate about producing quality accessories that, with the right care and attention, can last a lifetime. After all, part of the answer to a more sustainable fashion industry is to make products that don’t need to be replaced regularly. When care instructions are followed, Colville Leather will offer a lifetime repair warranty on your notebook holder, as well as a lifetime of support in caring for your treasured leather companion. We want you to get the most from your Colville Leather product and be able to share many years of memories together. 

So, what are you waiting for? Put pen to paper and kickstart your summer journalling with Colville Leather’s Moleskine notebook holder. If you've been inspired to revitalise your journal this summer, we'd love to hear what you're writing about. Whether you're documenting the twists and turns of your travels abroad, or maybe using the great outdoors as inspiration for a new novel, let us know! Share your Tourer selfies on our social media pages, too.  

The Tourer costs £72, with free UK delivery. Available in a choice of two colours, there’s a Tourer design to suit everyone’s tastes. Whether you go for English Tan or Nut Brown, quality is assured. Buy The Tourer here

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