Have a look inside the Colville Leather Devon workshop...

Colville Leather has got a new workshop in our Totnes base. We've been working hard to get everything together, ready to get making leather belts, wallets and accessories the old fashioned way.

Our workshop was built by Toby's Sheds, a local Devon company who make all sorts of timber garden buildings. And we're pretty pleased with its rustic exterior. Its very much in keeping with the long artisanal tradition that Colville Leather is proud to be a part of, and well on its way to maturing into a fine workshop in time.


colville leather workshop devon interior

The interior workbenches were designed and constructed by our very own leather worker Matt.

Inside the workshop

leather workshop Devon

The new workshop is where we will be crafting the Colville Leather products you know and love, as well as dreaming up new products.

Now, let's take a look at some of the tools we use in the leather crafting process.

Arbour Press

artisinal leather arbour press

The Arbour Press is used for stamping the Colville Leather marker's mark into the leather, like so:

colville leather wallet with makers mark

We're proud that all our items are lovingly hand crafted, and want their owners to remember that they are in possession of quality products that are built to last down the years. If we love our leather products we are doing our bit to keep things sustainable.

Edge Beveler

artisinal leather work edge beveler

Edge Bevelers are used to round off the edges of the leather, which can be sharp from the cutting process. We have varying sizes of bevelers depending on the thickness of the leather and how much edge beveling needs to be done. 

Osbourne Oval Punch

osbourne oval punch leather tool

The Osbourne Oval Punch is used to punch holes in the belts so that the tongue of the belt buckle can go through (where the leather folds over the buckle).

Rivet Press

artisinal leather tool rivet press

A lot of riveting goes on with leather work. This tool is used to set rivets, and we use a range of different sizes depending on the job. A handy feature is that it also doubles up as a hole punch for belts thanks to a special attachment.

Stitching Pony

stitching pony for making leather accessories

The stitching pony is used to clamp together pieces of leather to prepare them for stitching. It is working as a third hand so to speak. It can either be clamped to the work bench or placed between the legs whilst sitting to secure it in place.

Strap Cutter

strap cutter for making leather belts

The strap cutter is run down a piece of hide to cut off narrow strips. This is mainly used to create belt lengths and bag straps. 

Wing Dividers

wing divider tool for handstitched leather accessories

Hand stitching is a precision art. Wing dividers are used to mark out set distances, chiefly the stitching line from the edge of the leather. Here's Matt adding the finishing touch to a bag... hand stitching the label. 

hand stitching leather bag close up

We hope you've enjoyed this tour of the Colville Leather workshop and gained a bit more of an insight into our making process.

We'd love to hear from you if you want to know any more information about our products or what goes into making them.

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