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The Voyagers Journey

When I first came up with the idea of making a notebook cover I didn't really know what kind of features it needed to have. After talking to a few people who use notebooks / journals on a regular basis it soon became clear. The most important part was having somewhere to keep a pen or pencil, secondly it needed some storage space for cards (debit cards or business cards) and random pieces of paper.

With this in mind I started to get some ideas down on paper until I was happy with a design. 

Once I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like I started to create the pattern.

Notebook cover pattern

Pattern made, it was time to make the first prototype out of leather. I handed it over to my friend Steve who put it through it's paces. Steve was using it for about 6 weeks giving me feedback along the way. Below are some pictures of Steve's cover, which reminds me, I must give it back to him!

The Voyager Notebook Cover Prototype

The Voyager Notebook Cover Prototype

I tweaked the final design and once the improvements where made The Voyager was ready to set sail...

It can be found on my site here: The Voyager

Colville Leather Th e Voyager Notebook Cover

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