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6 advantages of a leather roll-top backpack

When shopping for a new backpack, each style has its advantages. From a rucksack with its numerous compartments and fastenings, to a drawstring bag for minimal, lightweight use. Each bag suits a diverse purpose. 

You may have come across the leather roll-top backpack and wondered about its particular advantages. This style has grown in popularity and is a practical, versatile bag. The top opening of the bag rolls down (as the name suggests) and is then secured by a compression strap to keep it in place. Highly versatile, this backpack works equally well for high volume or low volume. A quick pop to the shops or a full day out. 

Below we have outlined some of the key roll-top backpack benefits. 


The design of the roll-top backpack is generally fairly minimalist. Contents all go inside the main compartment, without additional external straps, pockets or buckles. This not only streamlines the use of the bag, but also gives it an elegant appearance. Many roll-top bags have an internal pocket for keeping valuables safe without affecting the external aspect. 

leather roll-top backpack from Colville Leather


One fantastic advantage that the roll-top backpack has over other styles is its adaptability. Since the top can roll down more or less according to the contents, the bag can easily accommodate high or low volume. It can therefore adapt to fit your requirements on a given day. So if you don’t need much on short trip out, it will keep objects secure without feeling bulky. Whilst if you want more capacity on another occasion, it will grow to fit your need. 

Ease of access

There is nothing worse than struggling to find something at the bottom of your bag. Due to the nature of the roll-top design, the top opening is wide. As well as allowing you to search easily for items, this also makes packing the bag very fast. 

opened leather roll-top backpack from Colville Leather


The sturdy design of the roll top opening means that contents inside are completely protected. The bag is well sealed in case of rainy conditions. Contents are in no danger of falling out due to an open zip or loose draw string. There is also no chance of pickpocketing since there are no external pockets. Everything is packed snuggly away inside.

Top compression

The top compression of the roll-top backpack provides further protection for your belongings. As the top is rolled down it condenses the contents of the bag to ensure a neat fit. This means everything is tightly packed and will not move around while you are on the go. So you will never have the annoyance of rattling items as you walk.

Colville Leather roll-top backpack


Finally, without the need for zips or multiple fastenings, the design of the leather roll-top backpack reduces any risk of damage. We strongly believe in the importance of slow fashion as a sustainable approach to purchasing. By buying high-quality, locally sourced items, less often, consumers can reduce the amount of waste produced by the global fashion industry. Many bags today are not manufactured to last. Zips and fasteners are often the weak points in the design and therefore the first to break. So the absence of zips in a roll-top backpack make it more resilient to regular usage.

Made for the minimalist

As with every variety of backpack, the roll-top bag may not suit everyone’s taste. The concept is minimalist: one adaptable bag for all occasions; one main compartment for all the contents. This means less range of pockets options for those who like to keep everything separate. There are less external fastenings for attaching additional objects. And it doesn’t open up fully like a clamshell style bag. But we believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to a multipurpose bag.

Our take on the leather roll-top backpack

The Colville Leather roll-top backpack is the result of a long design process by its creator Matt Nesbitt. With elegance and longevity at the core of Colville Leather’s philosophy, Matt wanted to create a bag that is uncomplicated and practical in its design. You can read the full story of how he created this bag here

Matt Nesbitt wears leather roll-top backpack from Colville Leather

The bag is made with Horween Derby leather. Thanks to the careful tanning process of our leather, the bags are not only hardwearing but also light and comfortable to wear. Leather can stretch and adapt with use, so the bag takes on its own personality as it is used.

However, carefully crafted leather bags will last for years to come. To this end, Colville Leather’s bags use solid brass buckles, Devon Oak Bark Tanned leather straps and waxed, rot resistant thread. High quality components to ensure this timeless classic is built to last.

Visit our website to take a look at our collection of men's leather accessories and for more information. 

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